In 2013, LCCR began developing a strategic plan for the next five years.  With guidance by past presidents and the congregation council, a process was developed to gather comprehensive input from staff, members and community partners. 

- The council reviewed the status of the current strategic plan and which goals should be continued. 

- The council also reviewed the mission of LCCR and suggested revisions. 

- The staff analyzed the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to our mission. 

- Interviews were conducted with the Minneapolis Police 5th Precinct liaison, a representative of the Armatage Neighborhood Association, the principal of Armatage Community and Montessori school, and others walking on Penn Ave.

- Two “Church Basement Cafe’s” were held, with over 70 total members providing input on the impact we hope to have when we gather and when we scatter, the ways in which we are already successful, and what else we need to do to improve. 

- A survey was offered to those who could not attend the Cafe’s, with special input gathered from the Sunday School children and confirmation class.

As a result of this input, we offer the following mission, statements of vision, and goals for the next five years:

Our Mission: We gather around Christ in Word and Sacrament as a servant community that is sent into this neighborhood and beyond with the gospel of mercy, justice and peace.

1. Support Youth

a. Increase adult engagement with youth in our congregation.

b. Support efforts to end youth homelessness in our community.

c. Support Palestinian youth education and well-being.

d. Continue intergenerational Sunday School gatherings and invite new people.

e. Initiate mentor/mentee partnerships and/or prayer partners.

2. Rethink Faith Formation

a. Help all ages live their faith every day.

b. Continue to build on our successes with intergenerational learning.

c. Commit to experiment with new formats, methods, branding, etc.

d. Have an annual “Lay Sunday” where worship is led by lay leaders.

3. Be engaged in the neighborhood.

a. Provide support to Armatage Community and Montessori School.

b. Communicate directly with neighbors (i.e. postcard).

c. Continue to foster community connections (i.e. annual Block Party).

4. Make LCCR a "home away from home."

a. Increase skills in welcoming others and a system for follow-through.

b. Strengthen integration between immigrant and nonimmigrant members.

c. Raise awareness about the immigrant experience, including but not limited to racism.      

            d. Develop a fair-sharing approach to “chores." (Each committee must pick a vice-chair this year so that new chair

                 can assume leadership role in 2015).

e. Make efforts to be more green as a church and as members of our communities.

Each year, the council will develop an annual plan to advance these goals, with specific activities, leaders and timeframes. The council will also evaluate and report to the congregation at the annual meeting on progress on these goals. 


LCCR’s Plan for the coming years

As a congregation we want to live out our mission statement. We know the world around us is changing and so we constantly evaluate our ministry, changing our approaches to our outreach and our care for one another.